Greenmeadows School

Bell Times 

8.30am School Opens for Children

9.00am Classes begin

11.00-11.20am Interval

12.50-1.50pm Lunch

3.00pm School finishes

Children must leave the school grounds immediately after the end of school unless attending organised sports training or OSCAR.  Unless supervised by parents, no children are allowed in the school grounds before 8.30am or after 3.15pm.


Child Absence


Parents are asked to inform the school of their child's absence by either phoning the school before 9.00am and leaving a message on the answer phone, send an email, text 0279264452 or lodge your child's absentee on the School App .  Class teachers mark attendance registers by 9.15am and 2.00pm daily.  If you do not ring in and there is no response to the office phoning parents/caregivers/emergency numbers, for the safety of your child, the Truancy Service will be called.  If children are late they must come to the office to be registered and given a late slip for the class teacher.




APP Notifications


The school App can be downloaded from the App Store free of charge.


We send out alerts from the school App to inform parents of cancellations, upcoming events and reminders.


 In the time of an emergency the school App will be the avenue of communication to parents. 


Remember to subscribe for which alert groups you wish to receive communications for.



Lunch break is normally from 12.50pm to 1.50pm but may be changed to suit special circumstances, such as school trips or inter-school sports.  


The PTA runs a canteen from the kitchen three days/week – Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  The school lunch ordering system operates from this.  Price lists are available from the office or on our website.  Parents receive an updated price list when changes occur.  The procedure for ordering lunches or morning teas is as follows:

1)      Write on an envelope:

·        Your child's name and room number

·        The list of items you are purchasing along with the price

2)      If ordering an iceblock or morning drink include on the envelope

3)      Place your money inside the envelope and seal

4)      Your child hands the envelope to his/her class teacher 

We ask that children do not bring lollies to school.


School Assembly

We have a school assembly in the Heart of the School on Fridays at 11.20am (weather permitting).  In summer assembly is held earlier to protect the children from the summer sun.

You and your family are most welcome to attend.



Dental Clinic

Regular dental care is provided free of charge for all school and pre-school children, at Greenmeadows School.  If you have any queries or concerns contact the Dental Therapist on 8447023. 



OSCAR operates out of their own room on the edge of the school field. They offer care for children before, after school, and during the holidays. OSCAR runs between 7.15am and 8.30am before school and between 3.00pm and 5.30pm after school.  Those responsible for running OSCAR ensure the children abide by the school rules, care for their sports gear, and take responsibility for the children's behaviour.  Please contact OSCAR for vacancies in enrolments as there can be a long waiting list.  For more information contact Tina on 027 603 4568.

Other after school care operators that come to Greenmeadows School are

Kids Friendly Club at St Columbus Church contact Peter Wooten on 022 643 1691 -

School Outs contact Peter Grocombe (Bay Baptist Church, Gloucester Street) on 845 9381 or 027 677 4480 -

Equip Kids contact Tiffany Moore on 0273222777 -

 Beyond the Bell (Bledisloe School) Carol 0272 313160 -


We are fortunate that those associated with St Mary's church permit our families to use the church car park spaces.   Please respect these arrangements.  Also do not park on the grassed areas of the church.  Due to past parking problems, St Mary's church has restricted the use of their car park.  We abide by the notice issued by the Parish Manager as follows:

'Parish Notice'

· Parking for parents/staff/school visitors is absolutely prohibited whilst the funeral or church signs are displayed.

· Except for those people granted an exception, parking before 10.00am and between 2.30pm and 3.30pm school days must be restricted to two minutes for 'pick up' or 'putting down' of children.  (This will be monitored regularly).


School Uniform

We have a school uniform at Greenmeadows School, for details refer to our uniform list on the website and our School Policy


School Stationery

School Stationery packs are available to purchase at Office Products Depot, Wakefield Street, Onekawa. 

Just let them know your child's room number and year to get the correct stationery pack.